Membership Forms

I don’t know about you, but given the chance, I will do everything online. If I can fill out a form using my computer and email it in, I will.

If you’re one of those people, here are all of the forms for this year. You can print these out and bring them to the next meeting, or just email these to us at

The one form we can’t give you is the BSA Application. This still needs to be filled out on the paper form. If you were a member of Pack 151 last year and are renewing, you DO NOT have to fill out this form again. Only scouts who are new to Pack 151 need to fill in an application form. If you are transferring from another pack, contact your old Cubmaster for your son’s BSA ID number to ensure we get access to your son’s full record.

Here are the forms we need from you:

Dues are $75 for the year payable at the meeting by check or cash. If you hate writing checks or handling cash, you can now pay by credit card. Our processor charges us 3.5%, which we need to pass along to you, making the credit card fee $77.65.

Buy Scout Dues 2011-12

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