The Pack 151 Scouting Year is On!

Thanks to everyone who came out for last night’s first meeting and open house. It was great seeing all the returning faces and meeting all the new people who came. Thanks especially to our mummy volunteers during game time.

If you missed last night’s meeting, or you want to see more about it, I’ve attached the two presentations at the end of this post.

Don’t forget to bring your friends. The more people we have, the more we can do. If a Scout brings a friend and they sign up, they will get two recruiter patches.

Don’t forget about Popcorn. We’d like to see every scout sell $250 in popcorn. That’s about 13 bags. See our popcorn page for the details on ways to sell.

Next Week:

Next week we will be back in Fellowship Hall. Our agenda is:

  • Interest / Feedback survey. (There will be separate ones for parents and scouts)
  • Popcorn Training!
  • Meet your den.

New Scouts:

If this is your first year in Scouting, no matter what year you are in, your sons need to earn their Bobcat badge first. If you want to get them off to a good start, download and print our Bobcat Study Sheet (pdf). It gives most of the requirements on one page, to help them memorize these requirements.


[powerpoint 480 360]

Presentation Given to Everyone

[powerpoint 480 360]

Presentation Given to Just Parents:

Links From Presentations:

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